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Kruti Karani
Senior Executive, Research
Kruti Karani
Senior Executive, Research
About yourself / What is your background?
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant by qualification (2012), and also a Chartered Secretary (2015) as well as possess a Diploma in Information System audit (DISA – 2016). Besides this, I had cleared CFA Level 2 examination in 2019.
How did you wind up working for an investment bank/Research/Broking etc?
had been working with mid-size CA firms in the initial phase of my career (with 7 years of experience in the field). There-after I developed interest into equity research and went on to pursue CFA course to gain a basic fundamental understanding. I had a short stint as an intern with CapGrow Capital Advisors in 2019. On learning the basics of research, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to intern at Axis Capital in the Institutional equities research department (IT and Telecom sector) – in Feb 2020. Got retained as an permanent employee at Axis capital w.e.f August 2020 – and have been looking into Media and Chemicals sector since then.
What do you most enjoy about your job?
One thing interesting about research is that the Learning phase is continuous and one may gain exposure to various attributes in the field. There is always a potential to grow further and develop an in-depth understanding in Research, and I look forward for this fruitful association to continue for many more years to come whereby I would aim to enrich market, industry, and financial knowledge.
How would you describe the culture at Axis Capital?
The entire team at Axis is very focused about their work and always ready to resolve queries or assist where-ever required for any project. All of them work with dedication and sincerity to achieve the targets. Every-one has the opportunity to have frank and 2-way discussions, and give suggestions as well so as to improve on work. Seniors always welcome feedback and also do point out on positives as well guide on the shortcomings of their juniors. Clients have always remained the top priority.
If you think back over your time at Axis Capital, is there something you accomplished that you’re particularly proud of?
I have been able to sharpen up my skills into modelling and analysing various companies based on different parameters, based on guidance from my mentors. I have been on toes to deliver the work on time sensitive deadlines throughout my time here.
Any interests you’d care to highlight outside of work?
I believe every-one should have one hobby outside of work. Well for me, its been music since childhood. I have a passion for singing and do make it a point to rehearse or practise on my vocals in my free time.
How have you grown since you joined the firm?
Journey from an intern to a permanent employee has been very encouraging.
How did your mentors help you develop your methods of research and analysis?
With help of my seniors and immediate seniors, I could immensely improvise and sharpen my skills on fundamentals as well as technicals. My mentors have helped me analyse research with intricacies – like analysing company – data in depth, looking at performance of the companies, understanding the industry, markets etc. and provide guidance till date on each of the core aspects.
What advice would you give to students/interns interested in a research/IB/Broking?
Stay focused is the only motto! Being open and honest about your work will lead one go a long way.