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Akankasha Sinha
Manager Investment Banking | Axis Capital
Akankasha Sinha
Manager Investment Banking | Axis Capital
About yourself / What is your background?
Hailing from an Army Background, I grew up moving across the country. Which gave me an opportunity to understand different cultures, geographies in India, being adaptive to change, and instilled the trait of being curious and . I completed my graduation from NMIMS, Mumbai.
How did you wind up working for an investment bank/Research/Broking etc?
During the summer of 2021, I interned with the Coverage Team at Axis Capital for a brief period of 19 weeks. The role involved researching & understanding business models, financial strengths & weakness of various sectors across BFSI. As an intern, I tried to be a sponge – to absorb as much as possible about the business & become more adept at multitasking and goal oriented working.
What do you most enjoy about your job?
Everyday offered a new challenge, which exited me the most during the internship. With every new project I worked on, there was a new learning on how the business cycle evolves, what are the regulatory challenges, how companies are being positioned. Besides working with such talented people who have been in industry for over decades and decades was humbling and edifying. Their experience pushed me to achieve more.
How would you describe the culture at Axis Capital?
During my internship journey was given greater amounts of responsibilities, my mentors were always there to guide me through my doubts. The inclusive environment encouraged me to put across my ideas and thoughts, and in turn allowed me to thrive.
If you think back over your time at Axis Capital, is there something you accomplished that you’re particularly proud of?
Axis Capital offers a culture with supports growth. Leaders and mentors are always helpful to teach new tools/concepts. Even as an intern I was encouraged to put across my ideas and thoughts on the table.
Any interests you’d care to highlight outside of work?
Outside work, I actively participates with NGO’s to raise awareness on women education and hygiene and share a passion for equal opportunity across gender in the world.
How have you grown since you joined the firm?
After joining the firm as an intern and now moving to a full time role, has given me opportunity to upskill myself, introduced to me to various analysis tools and helped me grow my network.
What advice would you give to students/interns interested in a research/IB/Broking?
Advice to the interns – grow your network, ask as many questions as you want, there’s never a question which is ever silly.